What is this?

A small camera is located in the bird box. It has been there since I mounted it in the year 2000. It is a BW CCD-video camera connected with a cable to the Video-IN -connection in the display adapter of the computer. In the beginning of this year (2002), I got an ADSL-connection, which made it possible to connect the camera to the net.

To transfer pictures to the web-server, I use visionGS PE which seems to be a very good webcam software. In private use, it is free.

The printed board camera, which also contains a microphone, is assembled in an aluminium case. To illuminate the inside of the bird box, there are ten IR-leds. The birds cannot see IR-light, so it does not disturb them. And they have no idea that the entire world is watching...

The box itself has been in place on the wall of a detached house, located in Helsinki, Finland, for more than 20 years. During that time, it has been vacant for only a few summers. In the year 2000 when the camera was mounted, no birds nested there. Last summer, 2001, great tits nested in the box. Typically, pied flycatcher or spotted flycatcher nest there, and occasionally great tit. Let’s hope some of them will find the box this year.

Look at pictures and videos from last year’s nestings: 2001 2002

Oh yes, I almost forgot: The WebCam-software puts the date on the pictures in Finnish, because I have a Finnish version of WinXP. It seems impossible to change the language in the date stamp. So, here is a list of the days and months for translation.

Day of the week: Month:
ma (maanantai) Monday   tammi January
ti (tiistai) Tuesday   helmi February
ke (keskiviikko) Wednesday   maalis Mars
to (torstai) Thursday   huhti Apil
pe (perjantai) Friday   touko May
la (lauantai) Saturday   kesä June
su (sunnuntai) Sunday   heinä July
      elo August
      syys September
      loka October
      marras November
      joulu December

Time in Finland is GMT +2.